Evolution Cover Control

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Evolution Cover Control.
Provides more safety during the use of the food grinder as the food grinder is not switched on until the sealing plug has been placed in the drain. This prevents unwanted materials from entering the food waste grinder when it is switched on.

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Conversie kid Cover Controle

More safety with the help of the Evolution Cover Control for the models InSinkErator Evolution 100 & 200.

The food waste grinder is switched on by screwing in the Evolution Cover Control lid with running water. This prevents foreign objects from entering the grinding chamber during the grinding process. As soon as the Cover Control lid is removed, the food waste grinder switches off again and, for example, a new portion of waste can be ground. The Evolution Cover Control works by means of magnets in the drain and lid. When these magnets touch each other, the air pressure switch is activated. this switches the food waste grinder on when the magnets are touched and switches off again when the lid is removed. The Cover Control is easy to install, even after you have already placed your food grinder.

  • Suitable for the models InSinkErator Evolution 100 & 200
  • Easy to install, even afterwards

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