Sustainability / Environment

InSinkErator’s food grinders offer a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to food waste.

Water treatment plants ferment the food waste and convert it into new sustainable Biogas energy and fertiliser. Food waste is converted into sustainable Bio-gas energy

Food scraps are converted into sustainable Biogas energy

In the Netherlands, food waste flows through the sewers to a municipal wastewater treatment plant, where it can be processed together with other organic solids.

When that happens, methane gas, better known as biogas, is produced. Wastewater treatment plants equipped with digestion vessels can capture the biogas and use them to power the facility. The remaining sludge can be converted into fertiliser.

Where does your food scraps go?

See where your food waste goes and how they extract new energy out of it.

What does a food grinder consume?

A food grinder consumes less than 1% of the total water consumption per household, and they also consume less than 50 cents (2-3 KWh) of electricity per year. All InSinkErator food crushers are of durable quality and maintenance-free.